Creation vs Evolution

By voicing out my inner thoughts on this topic, I know that I am treading on dangerous waters. However, I just can’t figure out the need for a constant debate on this topic: it has to be either creation OR evolution. What’s wrong with integrating the two?

Before I get started on this, let me make it clear that I consider myself a freethinker and I attempt to reconcile the beliefs of different religions. I express my thoughts in a way that no religion is superior to any others.

Now the idea of this Creation vs Evolution thing is particularly exclusive to monotheistic religions I believe, especially Christianity. No hard feelings on that, it’s true. Every single time I read an article or hear a view on creation, it has to be something that debunks the possibility of evolution on accounts of observations that coincide with biblical quotes. Seriously, what’s wrong with you guys?

On the other hand, evolutionist tells you that nature rules, and it does some magic called natural selection which determines what kind of mutant a species becomes. And because of this, God cannot be the creator of human beings because we, like Pokemon, can evolve and we evolved from apes. Apparently, all things evolved from a single organism which somehow managed to come to life just like that.

I understand from the creationist point of view that things are too perfect in this world to just poof, appear. How can the universe be created without an intelligent design? How did the universe come to existence just because something that did not exist decided to explode? Even Stephen Hawking acknowledged this mystery:

“We do not know how DNA molecules first appeared. The chances against a DNA molecule arising by random fluctuations are very small.”

Your argument is valid, with what I observed too. Nature, this convenient word is being used as an excuse to reject the existence of God. But God is nature, nature is God.

I understand from the evolutionist point of view that God creating humans out of thin air is just absurd. Not just man, but other living beings. Traces of evolution is argued to be observable in nature. However, evolution itself is such a long process that might not even be visible through generations after generations. So yes, evidence have shown that evolution is not only possible, but highly likely. Stephen Hawking acknowledged it too:

“The process of biological evolution was very slow at first. It took two and a half billion years, to evolve from the earliest cells to multi-cell animals, and another billion years to evolve through fish and reptiles, to mammals. But then evolution seemed to have speeded up. It only took about a hundred million years, to develop from the early mammals to us. The reason is, fish contain most of the important human organs, and mammals, essentially all of them. All that was required to evolve from early mammals, like lemurs, to humans, was a bit of fine-tuning.”

Does that reject the existence of God and creation? Yes, and no. It rejects the creation by God as depicted in the bible. Humans did not appear from a wave of God’s magic wand. However, can creation still exist in light of the theory of evolution? Absolutely.

Get the bible of out this debate and it makes sense. If biblical quotes are brought in, then the topic is no longer creation vs evolution. It is Christianity vs Atheism. I don’t want to discuss religion matters. If creationists were to support their argument, use common logic and observable facts, as what evolutionists do, like just get on the topic of intelligent design. Stop bringing in the bible when it does nothing to convince evolutionists. It’s like speaking Russian to me when I know nuts about it. Not everyone reads the bible, so stop putting those quotes on them.

The one thing that I don’t understand is why this two views cannot exist in harmony? Pope Francis said, and if I may quote him again here:

“Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.”

Okay, so there are actually people who see what I see, albeit not many probably.

Recently I read this great article explaining the odds of finding life forms in the universe based on statistics. The conclusion was that life is thriving all over the universe, but intelligent life could be extremely rare. The author asks Christians something that goes like: “If life forms were found outside Earth, would it change your religious beliefs? Does it change your beliefs in creation?”

I don’t understand. Does the author thinks that Christians believe God created life only on Earth? What’s wrong with God creating life on other places? Must it be God created life on earth vs evolution in nature? Besides for the fact that the author made some convincing arguments, he doesn’t see past the “God created life on earth” barrier.

Why can’t there be intelligent design that allows for evolution? Why must there be the two extreme views of 1. God and creation, and 2. No God and evolution? How about 3. God, creation and evolution?

Isn’t it simple? Like how you build stuffs in minecraft or simcity. What if the universe is a software created by this guy we call God. Is there a possibility that He inserted codes for what determines the laws of the universe and life? Even AI today are already programmed to beat humans in chess. If God is omnipotent, evolution is not only possible, but part of his “software code”. The reason why most creationists fail to consider this possibility is because of their utmost faith to the bible. The belief that humans are descendants of God, as well as the intimate relationship God has with our world (specifically planet Earth), prevents a wider perspective as I had just illustrated. I am in no position to criticize these beliefs, but if you want to talk about intelligent design as a topic by itself, close your holy book for God’s sake (literally). As a Chinese, I don’t bring in the Pangu creation myth and exclaim that the universe was created by this huge giant who broke out from an egg-like stone. I fully understand that it is a metaphor for creation. There was curiosity about the origin of the universe long ago, and different civilizations penned down their own stories. What makes the bible special (in explaining creation) in any way then? Genesis is not in any way superior than the Greek’s creation myth. We are way more advanced right now, and if we were to investigate intelligent design, we do it without fancy stories.

Also, be clear of what you are talking about. Some disillusioned ones solely believe that God just created earth and humans. Others with a wider mind trusted that God created the universe. It makes a difference to the scope of discussion. The topic on intelligent design agrees with the latter one. If you are talking about the former one, go back to immersing yourself in your fancy story.

What’s more, the universe being “God’s computer program” not only provides explanation to creation (of the universe) as a metaphor by itself, it accounts for the universal laws that we can observe around us. As biological beings, we go through birth and death. It is a law of the universe. Even stars live and die. How about the constants we learnt in math and physics? Planck’s constant? Gravitational constant? The ancient Chinese have already acknowledged the laws that exist in this world, as written by Lao Zi (a philosopher) in Dao De Jing:


Man obeys the laws of the Earth, the earth obeys the laws of the heavens, the heavens obey the laws of the Way, the Way obeys its own laws. 

And note that although this is a Taoist philosophy, it has nothing to do with religion. It is a fact. Taoism started as a philosophy, not a religion if that helps to explain.

Speaking about creation, stars, planets and life didn’t just poof, appeared. This only happens in Harry Potter’s world. While there may be a creator, creation needs to make sense. You don’t just say “cake” and cake appears right? You make the freaking cake and it takes time.

My beliefs? Putting religion aside, part of my mind do believe in intelligent design. What I mean is God designed the universe, let it off in a Big Bang and leave it there for itself to develop. So there you go, we have God (or Nature if you prefer that), creation, and thereafter the universe is allowed to evolve based on His rules. So yes, I don’t subscribe to the beliefs of God’s Kingdom or the likes of it. As a non-christian, the bible to me is a book of reference to live well as a person and to find your own meaning in life. To take it literally? I have to be mad.

Lastly, actually it doesn’t matter what stand we take. We don’t need to know creation or evolution to live a fruitful life.