Should you extract your wisdom teeth?

Yes I finally got one side out, after contemplating for three years.

Before I forget this traumatic experience, I should probably document it down first. But even before that, let me share some personal thoughts about wisdom teeth.

So just a quick background of my wisdom teeth. The eruption of the teeth were in the order as follows:

  1. Right lower
  2. Right upper
  3. Left upper
  4. Left lower

The time period between the eruption of the first to the last one was about 3 years. I am turning 25 in December. Both my bottom teeth were impacted. The below x-ray was taken in mid-2013.

wongchun kiat-opg.jpg

Left is right and vice versa.

And this was taken in mid-2016.


As can be seen from the x-rays, my upper teeth were growing down straight and I wouldn’t want to have them removed. In fact, I was so afraid of teeth extraction that I would not have wanted to extract any. On the other hand, it would be kind of a pity to remove my otherwise straight top teeth.

In 2013, my dentist advised me as such. If I were able to take good care of my wisdom teeth and brush them properly, it shouldn’t affect me much. Unless they really bother me, it would be fine to leave them there. Really, the debate on whether removing wisdom teeth would be beneficial, is still on going. The current consensus is, it is better to remove it early before it gives rise to further complications in the future.

Now, the question is, what complications could arise? Please do not put all your trust in the so-called dental experts and pay money just to suffer. You have a brain, take in knowledge and think for yourself. After all it is your mouth, your teeth. I can’t believe there are still people out there blindly believing that all wisdom teeth do is to create trouble for you, and removing them is like the smartest solution you could ever think of. NO.

Read this two short articles here talking about unnecessary extractions:

I cannot tell you the statistics, but I believe most wisdom teeth extractions are unnecessary.

I am not strongly against cha-ching ($$) for dentists, but a good dentist wouldn’t advise you to remove them in order to cha-ching ($$) their accounts. Like I said, my dentist told me the choice is mine, and if they weren’t affecting me in any way, it was fine to keep them there. So why spend the money unnecessarily and trade for a few days of pain?


The only risk that comes with wisdom teeth is the risk of decay due to food getting stuck and either it is too difficult to clean or the person is just too lazy to clean properly. This decay would probably affect the molar next to the tooth. So the questions we ought to ask ourselves, like in the second article, would be.

  1. Is my wisdom tooth infected or painful in anyway? 
  2. Were they causing me any sort of problems whatsoever?
  3. What is the self-assessed risk of decay in the future?

If your answer is no, no and none, then just leave them as they are.

Personally, my answer for my right side wisdom teeth was no, a little, and medium. Hence, I made the decision to remove. How did I assess my own risk? Take a look at the x-ray again. The right bottom tooth (aka the left side of the x-ray), was already half protruding out, and through these three and a half years it was out, food gets stuck after every meal. I knew the risk of decay, so I took extra care to floss and brush properly. It was still healthy after 3 years! However, sometimes tiny particles of food may continue to get stuck there even after brushing and I could taste the rotting smell. It was bad. There was an obvious risk of decay.

The right upper tooth also caused me some problems when it first grew out. I kept biting my own cheek, but as time passed, it stopped. Straight as my top tooth may be, I still went ahead to remove it with the bottom one because although skeptical, I trust the dental surgeon’s experience that without an opposing tooth, the top one could hurt my gums.

There you go, I removed my right side wisdom teeth.

Am I gonna remove my left side wisdom teeth too? I had of course scheduled another appointment to remove, but right now, I will be cancelling that appointment. I am going to keep my left side wisdom teeth because my answers to the questions above are: no, no and none.


And of course, I never want to go through another traumatizing extraction again. Read about it here.


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