Budapest Part 2

Okay screw this thing about Budapest tour, I have no patience for that.

Here are the rest of the pretty things in the most beautiful city of Europe.

The Fisherman’s Bastion

Budapest (78) Budapest (88)

Budapest (98)

Budapest (81)

Matthias Church

Budapest (100)

Budapest (66)

Budapest (133)

Heroes Square

Budapest (165) Budapest (192)

Elizabeth Bridge


Liberty Bridge and Szent Gellert Hotel, the closest Grand Hotel to the “Grand Budapest”

Budapest (44)

Margaret Island

Budapest (162) Budapest (155) Budapest (149)

St. Stephen Basilica

GTB (121) GTB (122) GTB (123)

GTB (134) GTB (131) GTB (129) GTB (144)

There’s still the Great Market Hall as one of the attractions, but it’s really just a market, kind of like wet market in Singapore.

GTB (6) DSC_0409




There are still the thermal baths and I have only been to one of them, just once for a night party. They called it sparty. No photographs too, for why would I bring my DSLR into a bath.

Anyway, this is a very livable city that takes you away from the modern living style of cities like Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong and of course Singapore. Now I can understand why there are two full-time Singaporean professors in my school who are married to each other, and who enjoy living here. Every summer vacation is their holiday too, disappearing to exotic places for the whole period. In which institution can you find such good work-life balance in Singapore?

Property prices are also so shit low that I can buy 5 landed houses if my parents sell our HDB flat. I asked my landlady how much her house (semi-detached) cost. She said about 20,000,000HUF ~ S$105,000 and flats in the city center are “really expensive” at 35,000,000HUF. I told her my flat in Singapore was about 33,000,000HUF when my parents first bought and now it is worth about 152,000,000HUF. Singapore has really moved too fast. I would probably invest in property over here in the future.

Of course there are annoying things that we don’t face in Singapore. Most of these have to do with public goods. Roads are not properly maintained and cars park on the pedestrian sidewalk. Like not the whole car but half of the car goes up the curb. And mind that this is legal parking, with proper lines drawn on the side walk to mark the parking space. Look at this:


So you wonder why can’t proper car parks be constructed, or at least expand the road to make proper parallel parking spaces. I haven’t yet seen a shiny clean car except rental cars. I think that’s because nobody here gives a damn about status so they don’t wash their vehicles AT ALL. Cars are really stained with dirt, mud or bird shit, some quite badly. Rubbish strewn everywhere and dead leaves are left clogging in drains. Shit, I meant literally shit, like sai, poop, can be found behind the corridor of my school building where homeless people just decide to take dumps in the drains. Wait, and no one clears them. If you think public peeing is only widespread in India, then you haven’t been to Europe. By public peeing I don’t mean the person attempting to hide from others to pee. I meant them peeing right in front of you into a drain or grass or some absorbent material. Sometimes I wonder why people coming from developed countries say that Singapore is so clean (Because I do see rubbish on the ground). Now I know why. Even in developed countries, public goods may not be properly taken care of.

You don’t see new property estates in construction. Or rather, constructions are considered rare in my opinion. Apartments built 50 years ago are still standing and mostly only the interior is renovated. The exterior looks exactly the age of the buildings. Life is really slow.


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