Still alive

Hello blog, I am actually still alive! There were so many experiences in these few months I think I can write a book longer than The Order of the Phoenix. Anyhow, exchange has been a great getaway from Singapore thus far. Although I wouldn’t mind to be able to teleport to SG for the food and in some instances, the weather. Yes, it is not funny when it gets too cold.

I never regret my decision on Budapest and I can safely affirm that it is the best place for student exchange. Low cost of living, great night life, thermal baths, beautiful city sights, easy access to both eastern and western Europe.. What more can you ask for?

Cheap, how cheap? Just take a bakery for instance. A croissant twice the size of your palm can be bought for about just S$1. 1 litre milk ranges from S$1.20 to S$2? Transport tickets a month are just S$18, in comparison to monthly average of S$50 to S$90 in Singapore.

I’ll introduce Budapest properly in another post. So I returned from Germany and Austria last week, and I spare no thoughts in throwing out my Forints. Well, because a meal in the “EUR-league” can cost twice to ten times more than Hungary.

Over the past weekend, I went to Prague and prices were comparable to Budapest! I didn’t know Czech Republic’s cost of living is low too. The attractions around Prague weren’t as much as I had expected. The city is no doubt beautiful, but I still prefer Budapest!

We do cook occasionally for fun as eating out can be rather sick sometimes. Especially when the food is quite oily and salty. At least we don’t have to cook for the sake of saving money. Sometimes it could be more expensive to cook yourself especially just for one person. That’s how cheap Budapest is 🙂

Yeah, I am still alive.


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