Secrets of NUS – Shortcut from BIZ 2 to S2

Ahh I’m flying off tonight, so just wanna share this shortcut from Business School to Science faculty to the incoming juniors. I discovered the route in my year 1 semester 1, and have been using it to get to my science classes and back. Oh, I took science modules for three semesters! GEK1527, GEK1520 and PC1326.

Yes, as business students you can take two science GEMs, but you must take at least ONE science GEM. Many freshmen would take modules that have lectures in LT32.

Although this is a damn up-slope route, you don’t have to squeeze with people and wait for the bus if you are getting to LT32. The bus will be very stuffy and hot anyway. Coming back to BIZ will be easier and faster and it is down-slope all the way. Also, the yellow ceiling shows you the link (most often sheltered all the way) among all the faculties. So yes, the longest route from BIZ to SCI will be to follow the yellow ceiling through SoC-FASS-YIH-RVR-UHALL-SCI, entirely sheltered to Kent Ridge MRT in the event of rain.

Enjoy exploring the school!

Warning: Do not turn on full screen to avoid seizures.


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