A migraine attack

Having no history of headaches other than minor throbbing due to fatigue, I was taken aback by what happened earlier today.

I woke up with a slight throb on my left skull but I just brushed it aside, thinking that it could be due to straining my eyes at the computer. This was my first oversight; I have never woken up with a headache before! The onset of the attack came relatively quick. About an hour after I woke up, I couldn’t see things properly and I came to know that I had experienced what is called a migraine aura symptom. While I could focus my vision on an object, my peripheral vision kind of got blurred out in spots. Then the throbbing starts to get worse. It got so intense that I could not do anything to lessen the pain. I tried lying on the bed in different positions and I tried massaging acu-points that I know to relieve headaches. Nothing I did was of much use.

It started to rain and I had to keep the laundry in before they got wet again, so I summoned all my remaining strength to bring them in. I was so afraid I would fall off the balcony by mistake. I became breathless after keeping them in. Nausea sets in and I tried to vomit but it wouldn’t come out. So I kinda crashed on the floor of the toilet before my mum came home and rescue me.

Then, I was immobilized on my bed. After taking two panadols, I tried to get an eye shut but the pain was just too much. It was like experiencing J.K. Rowling’s Cruciatus curse. Feeling so much pain but unable to stop it. I lose consciousness as time passed and when I woke up, the pain had subsided. The throbbing remains at that part of my head but I only feel it when I moved my head vigorously.

Well that was quite a dramatic experience for me. I don’t know the cause but I am glad to be fine. The trigger was probably due to my overexertion in physical activity yesterday. I used to run 6x400m intervals easily during my army days, keeping each set under a minute and a half. I attempted this training (after not doing it for 2 years) for the sake of my IPPT before leaving for my exchange. At my second set, I felt like giving up and I had to push myself to the 4th set and stopped after I sensed that death was near.

I missed appointments that I’ve made today just to battle this weird problem. Oh well.

Lessons learnt:

1. Never attempt such a high intensive physical activity from zero preparation (Apparently, slow jogging doesn’t count :x).

2. Never underestimate a minor symptom your body is showing, especially if it is the first time.

3. Exercise regularly and sleep well.



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