A stubborn man

The title says it all. I encountered one of the most stubborn person in my life yesterday. Here it goes:

I was on my way down to the underground passage linking Shaw to Wheelock Place. As I reached the second escalator, there were two people in front of me; one middle age lady and one middle age Caucasian man. The man was in front of the lady so he stepped on the escalator first. 5 seconds later, the man suddenly changed his mind about going down. So by instinct, he turned around and began to walk against the moving steps. I don’t know whether to laugh or pity him when he fell after taking several steps. The lady in front of me tried to help him up and he managed to get up. Both of them weren’t exactly skinny and the escalator was not very wide too, so imagine the man trying to squeeze pass the lady while attempting to step up against the moving escalator. Like a stubborn child, he refused to give up. His face contorted like an energizer-bunny and he attempted his stunt once more. Never give up! In Hokkien it is what we called, “ngeh ngeh lai” (forcing the way). I was already on the escalator by then. Of course I stood aside and gave way for him to carry out his ridiculous stunt; I regretted later however, that I should have told him off on the spot.

I watched like a curious child while the escalator brought me further down. Partly for the fact that I was preparing myself to move out of the way in case he rolled down the steps; I did not wish to be a victim of a human avalanche. I must applaud this man for his perseverance though, for he would not give up trying to walk up the escalator. Eventually he got stuck at the area where the steps separate, his speed matching the speed of the moving steps, while the people behind watched on (some in shock, some in laughter). I took my steps slowly after exiting the escalator and continued to look. At last, he managed to step up to his paradise. I could imagine his face beaming with the glow of accomplishment, but I could not understand why… What is wrong with this guy?

Was he trying to show off that he can complete this stunt, and especially not to lose face after his fall? Well that didn’t really work out as he failed terribly and obstructed public passage. Not to mention endangering the lives of the people on the escalator. Such irresponsible public behaviour cannot be condoned, and I should have told him to stop instead. But there was still the risk of getting thrown down the escalator as he was much bigger than me. What would you do in his place? Logically, go down the escalator and take the stairs or the opposite escalator right? Seriously? Well, I’m not saying he was entirely wrong, but he should have given more consideration to the people around him. If he had even half my agility and able to scale the steps like wind, then fine with me, but he was probably close to twice my weight! He took at least two minutes! I was still feeling exasperated while having dinner with my Rag comm.

The human mind, complicated thoughts. Weird fetishes. Sigh…


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