Another semester gone

Time flies so quickly. Another semester just went by. I’m so glad that I’ve finally adjusted my body clock back to normal after one year! That is, I don’t have to use an alarm to wake up between 6 to 7am! I have to thank the cold that I caught two weeks ago, which forced me to sleep earlier every night, coupled with the clearing of assignments that took the pressure away.

I’m a morning person and have always been. Rag 2013 had totally screwed my life up as we had to stay up very late (once until 6am) for two months. After the end of Rag, I was unable to adjust back to my healthy self and even abandoned jogging for good because I felt so low in energy every day; partly due to dance commitments too (First semester: At least three days of dance a week that can last till 11pm and a couple times, 6 to 7 days a week). It lasted all the way until this few weeks when I finally felt my energy coming back after fixing my circadian rhythm. That means I can train for my IPPT as I have to clear it before I go for exchange.

I have so many things to blog about but I just can’t figure out where to start. Feeling too elated to sort out my thoughts! It’s gonna be Japan, Australia,  Hungary and the whole Europe after these three coming papers! Can’t wait!!


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