Hell Week

The hell week is almost over, ALMOST! For the past 10 days, it was war. I actually had to make a make-shift organizer in the form of foolscap paper to sort out my to-do list. Yeah, I’m not a very organized person and I don’t like being too organized. I will just waste 95% of an organizer because I won’t use it most of the time. I mean every single time when I wrote something down as a schedule to note, I never had to refer back to my notebook or organizer because I always remembered them. So I came to realise I was just wasting paper and ink.

This was the first time in university I had to do a make-shift organizer for a span of 3 weeks. Workload is just too much. Midterms that I have yet to study, a dance production that took up the past 3 days and tons of assignment deadlines. Is that the reason why NUS is ranked so high in QS rankings?

Usually after a dance production I will shutdown for a few days to recover, but this time I can’t. Not complaining, but this was my hell week. I don’t think I will ever experience this for the next two semester again.

Incidentally, I have two topics to talk about while observing things around me these past week. One is about dressing and the other about multi-level marketing companies. Talk about them once hell week is over.



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