Flappy Bird

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As it was recently announced, Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird took down the app from both mobile stores. It seemed rather ridiculous that such a simple and repetitive game could be taken down for reasons other that it being boring.  Has technology degraded us to something less than an  (excluding human of course) animal? How can any normal person play Flappy Bird for 8 hours straight?? Please tell me how did you do that, whoever you were. What’s going on in your mind?? I REALLY REALLY WANT TO KNOW! I was mind-blown after I read that tweet.

I believed that Dong created the game solely for his learning purpose and to gain an experience. Who in the right mind creates something like Flappy Bird and expects to get a windfall out of it?? The game was released about a year ago, but it was not until last Christmas did it see a spike in its download volume. Scary isn’t it, how fast news get viral just through word of mouth. Flappy Bird itself was not an attractive game. What people looked for was the thrill of challenging friends and beating a personal high score, just by tapping the phone screen. Was there an end to it? No, there was no maximum high score limit. Yet, people happily tapped their phone screens away, striving to achieve something that ends up as nothing.

I wouldn’t say that this game is totally useless and whatsoever. People get bored sometimes, and Flappy Bird is one such “lame” game that passes time. But to get addicted to it…. Seriously? What the fuck?

Dong did no wrong in creating the app. Blaming him for your addiction is equally blaming your existence in this world. If you didn’t exist then you wouldn’t have experience the “agony” from playing the game. Poor guy, he had to reply countless of nonsensical messages to plead for self-control and to explain himself. He had to endure sarcasm and nasty remarks. He could have ignored everyone and continued to take the cash, but he was too kind. He blamed himself for all these nonsense caused by unreasonable people. He wanted to put an end to this. Why are you people torturing somebody who innocently provided your life with an entertainment? If deleting the app is not enough, you resort to hammering the phone. It was quite funny no doubt, but what the fuck is wrong with you people? Do you not know how many in this world do not even have access to telephones? And you just smashed a few hundred bucks away. This is a terrible reflection of human beings.

The good thing behind this drama was Dong’s decision to remove the app, but it also shows how ridiculous people are. At least Dong proved that there is still humanity. No doubt he earned quite a bit from the sudden craze, we still have to respect the fact that he chose to take the app down.

Finally, I really hope all these drama behind Flappy Bird are just acts of trolling because this is just too…. screwed up to be true.


I tried, I tried to put myself into the shoes of these bird addicts, but I still can’t comprehend…. I give up.

-Chun Kiat


One thought on “Flappy Bird

  1. I think it’s just stupid and sad that humans can waste this much of the life playing a freaking game for their iPhone. Humans these days have such a little self discipline that they’re willing to throw their iPhone across the room scream and blame the makers of the app even though it’s not their fault. It’s the stupid people that chuck their phones not that good people that make this dumb app!!!

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